2017 Grant Recipients

2017 jurors were: Kerry Doyle, Rubin Center for the Visual Arts at the University of Texas, El Paso; René Morales, Pérez Art Museum, Miami; and Lowery Stokes Sims, Ph.D., independent curator and retired Curator Emerita, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, New York.

Jazmyn Crosby, Albuquerque • GRAFT Gallery/Collective • $5,000

GRAFT is a gallery space in the Barelas neighborhood by a collective of five artists whose goal is to provide artists with freedom to experiment with non-commercial, site-specific and ephemeral work, and to present unconventional, thought-provoking work to a broader public. The project includes new exhibitions, programming and public events at the gallery for the next 10 months and will allow for the expansion of existing programming to include professional development and skill-share workshops.

Diana Delgado, Albuquerque • So This is Art • $5,000

So This Is Art (STIA) is an experimental art collaboration that creates original performances through a collaborative process that utilizes public input to generate specific types of information or raw material from which they will create the show. The project includes a performance and its subsequent documentation that will be used to promote free workshops and STIA’s continued artistic practice.

Caley Dennis, Santa Fe • Radical Abacus • $5,000

Radical Abacus is an artist-run, DIY exhibition space in a converted warehouse in the Siler/Rufina industrial zone of Santa Fe and aims to encourage the making and showing of rigorous work by emerging artists with an emphasis on the experimental and installation-based art. Funding will support the presentation of 6 public exhibitions over the course of a year, as well as a handful of additional one-night performances and screenings.

Ray Hernández Durán, Albuquerque • The Alchemical Trace: Transformation and Resilience in Recent Work by LGBTQIA Artists • $5,000

This exhibition is meant to open in conjunction with the 15th annual Southwest Gay Lesbian Film Festival, the largest event of its kind in this region of the country. With a focus on community resistance and survival, the exhibition will include recent work by a diverse group of emerging LGBTQIA artists from NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, L.A., Las Vegas, and Albuquerque, who address themes of healing, growth, memory, and persistence in their art. In addition to the exhibition, there will be a lecture series, art lm screenings, and an exhibition catalogue that will be free to the public.

Joanna Keane Lopez, Albuquerque • Resolana • $3,500

Resolana is a public art project composed of a south-facing, half-mooned adobe sculptural wall embedded with mirrors that reflects the audience and landscape. Derived from the New Mexican term that means “the place where the sun shines,” Resolana will act as a public art space for dialogue and performance and remain a place in the community where people can gather to converse, share and reflect.

Blackhorse Lowe, Albuquerque • Dancing Earth Documentary • $5,000

Dancing Earth is an indigenous contemporary dance company created by Rulan Tangen. Funding for this project will go toward the creation of a full-length documentary focusing on the artistic process of creating, collaborating and articulating movement from beginning to end.

Manuel Montoya, Albuquerque • Vessels & Voids • $3,000

Vessels and Voids is a podcast about the intersections of globalization and creativity. Each episode explores a void in our world along with vessels we use to orient ourselves and create meaning. From natural and man-made voids (oceans, deserts and failing nation-states) to both literal and abstract vessels (ships, borders, art, objects, money and Marvel Avengers), this podcast weaves together artist perspectives, community voices, academic research, classic literature and popular culture (visual, material and musical) in pursuit of answering timeless questions about meaning, truth, creativity and connection.

Shannon Murphy, Santa Fe • The Art of the Machine • $5,000

The Art of the Machine is a block-party-style event that showcases artists, makers, creators, performers, crafts people and mad scientists who work at the interface between art and machine. The event takesplace within the Siler/Rufina Nexus, the industrial district in the heart of Santa Fe where artists of all kinds work alongside tradespeople and mechanics, drawn by the availability of low-cost space. The Art of the Machine celebrates the identity of the district and highlights the creative potential of the overlap between its contrasting subcultures by showcasing machine-centric visual, functional and performative art.

Candy Nartonis, Albuquerque • Migrations • $5,000

Migrations is an exhibition and series of events that seeks to contextualize and document the current public debate about immigration and sanctuary. The exhibition will take place at the Sanitary Tortilla Factory in early 2018.

Amy Pilling, Santa Fe • Life Arts Laboratory • $5,000

Life Arts Laboratory (LAL) is a modular, mobile studio for artists to experiment with and create artworks inspired by living organisms and nature’s processes. Designed as a mobile, reusable kit, numerous art projects may use LAL. LAL will be loaned to artists or organizations so the public can access hard-to-find materials and equipment to create artwork and exhibitions inspired by nature and scientific observation.

Ahni Rocheleau, Santa Fe • Stand • $3,500

Confluence Collective, a core partner for the Equal Justice artist residency at the Santa Fe Art Institutein April 2018, will convene artists and regional indigenous environmental activists to plan a participatory sculptural installation/performance. Consisting of sculptural objects, human bodies wearing art based attire and multi-media projection, Stand will express an aesthetic, yet studied response of the environmental racism history in New Mexico’s energy sacrifice zones of the Greater Chaco region. This project aimsto galvanize for greater climate justice action and consciousness, safe air and water, and a habitable environment and climate.

Bucket Siler, Santa Fe • Santa Fe Zine Fest • $5,000

Santa Fe Zine Fest hosts a yearly free festival that celebrates zines, comics and other forms of alternative press and DIY media with the goal of encouraging a greater community between diverse creators of independent publications and art in Northern New Mexico. Now in its second year, the festival spans over 24 zine publishers, showcasing their independently published art, illustration, photography, comics, poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

Nancy Zastudil, Albuquerque • Visiting Curator Series • $5,000

Independent curator Nancy Zastudil will initiate a Visiting Curator Series by inviting three curators to visit Albuquerque to meet with numerous local artists for the purpose of increasing their exhibition opportunities and professional relationships. Artists will be selected through an open call from which the visiting curators will select the artists to visit. Each visiting curator will give a public talk that incorporates their experiences with the local artists they have visited.