Submissions from Artists and Curators

Alchemy Exhibit

General Information

516 ARTS reviews submissions for artists and proposals from curators on an ongoing basis. Artwork may be of any medium or discipline, including 2D, 3D, video, performance or other undefined types of art or inter-disciplinary work.

516 ARTS presents mostly group exhibitions often in collaboration with museums, other arts organizations and guest curators, with a focus on bringing high caliber, content-driven arts programs to Downtown Albuquerque.

Artwork in exhibitions at 516 ARTS is not required to be for sale and can be on loan from collections. As a nonprofit, education-oriented art space, 516 ARTS does not represent artists or focus on sales as a commercial gallery would, although sales MAY take place from our exhibitions. 516 ARTS does not purchase artwork nor house a permanent collection.

Submissions that are not returned within two months will be kept on file for up to two years for further consideration. Acceptance of submission materials does not guarantee inclusion in any particular exhibition. Work submitted and held on file may be chosen for an exhibition planned for the same year, the following year or later. We ask that artists please keep us informed about their work and activities after an initial submission.

Due to our limited time and small staff, 516 ARTS does not accept requests for on-site portfolio reviews. Please note, currently our response time to submissions may take up to three months or longer. 


How to Submit:
Submissions from Artists & Proposals from Curators should include:

  • Images for visual art (on CD, DVD, catalog and/or prints – NO slides, please)
  • Film, Video, Sound, Multimedia (on CD, DVD or web URL)
  • Resume
  • Artist’s statement
  • Curatorial proposals should include a curator's statement
  • Selected reviews & publications (when applicable)
  • Self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of materials

Email and website submissions are accepted, however we may request additional physical materials be sent.

Mail Submissions To:

516 ARTS
Attn: Submissions
516 Central Avenue SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Emails may be sent to