Workshop: Papier Mâché Carnival Masks with crashlovedog

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Sunday, October 21
516 ARTS, 516 Central Ave. SW
Fee: $60 / $50 members  
Register: 505-242-1445,

Vejigantes, traditional Puerto Rican carnival masks, are a colorful art form from the island which depict a folkloric character whose origins trace back to Medieval Spain. It brings together African bomba y plena music with Native Taíno costumes and masks. The mask of the vejigante is known as the careta, made from papier mâché. It usually has horns, fangs, beaks and is vibrantly colored and patterned. The workshop is open to both adults and kids (age 10 and up).

Crash headshotCrash (Michael J. Beltran), aka crashlovedog, is a native New Mexican with family roots in Puerto Rico. Crash is a multi media artist working primarily with aerosol, tin, and papier mâché. He has worked in public arts as a muralist and has been an art instructor for over 30 years. 



Top image: Bob Krist/Getty Images