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Saturday, May 27, 6-8 pm


POP-UP EVENT: Love Letters to Power

Latent Image Collective 
at 516 ARTS

 Latent Image Collective as they hit the sidewalk in front of 516 ARTS with a follow-up to their Taking Pictures pop-up events for PhotoSummer. This year, during the opening reception forFires of Change and Landscapes of Life & Death, the group presents Love Letters to Power. Expanding on their theme of offering prints from a world-wide group of photographers, the Latent Image Collective is creating the prints to give away in postcard form. Audience members can pick out a print to use to send a note to their elected officials, reminding them that there is no humanity without the arts. In addition, by sending a postcard of original art, the sender and recipient are connected to one another through art and the written word. Making connections like this, across time and space, is one of photography’s greatest gifts.

Image: Simon Dadman (Perth, Australia), from the series Outlier