BLOCK PARTY: Digital Latin America

Digital Latin America Downtown Block Party

Everyone is invited to the free Downtown Block Party for Digital Latin America.  The event features an array of visual and performing arts, as well as food and entertainment celebrating the arts and cultures of Latin America and New Mexico. It offers fun for all ages in Albuquerque’s urban center, with performances, projections, illuminated projects, kinetic sculptures and interactive demos. FREE

Schedule of Performances:

Raquel Z. Rivera & Fidel González
Voice & guitar duo playing original compositions drawing from the Caribbean, Mexico & New Mexico

Albert Rosales & Breakdancers/B-Boys
Dance performances and open breakdance circle

Chuy Martinez & Otillo Ruiz
Traditional Mexican folk music featuring guitar, harp & voice

Mala Maña
Women's voice & drum ensemble inspired by the rhythms of Afro-Colombia's Atlantic & Pacific coasts, Caribbean reggaeton, contemporary beat-boxing, Mexican cumbia & more

Cuban music in the style of the Buena Vista Social Club, featuring salsa, merengue, machata & bachata

DJ Pancho Quiñones
DJ music throughout the evening featuring vintage cumbia, Puerto Rican folkloric music, rumba & more


07-Chang Before I Die Ay Papi300DL Food Truck DSC00229

Featured Projects:

A/WAY: I Wish There Was A Way
A/WAY has created a mobile version of the project “Before I Die” by Candy Chang. Participants at the Digital Latin America Block Party will have the opportunity share to their visions for creating art utilizing the phrase “I Want to Create __________ in __________.” The statement is meant to provide inspiration for and connections between specific projects or ideas and locations.

Amor Muñoz: Maquila Region 4 (MR4)
MR4 is a mobile factory for the manufacture of electronic-textile artworks. This nomadic workshop travels to poor areas of Mexico City offering American minimum wage ($8.00 per hour, compared to $0.60 per hour in Mexico). People are hired to produce fully functional electronic circuits using conductive thread. During the Block Party, the MR4 mobile factory will be showing documentation of local participation in the project.

Jessica Angel: Global Optics
Global Optics is an interactive mural in which the artist utilizes video mapped animation to bring the mural to life. Through paintings, murals and video projections, the artists capture an organic representation of what the micro-level of computers might look like to a human eye.

Jessica Pizaña Roberts: Logos
Logos is an interactive performance in which the audience is asked to think about the relationship between the logos used to represent identity and culture through food. By serving her weight in beans to the audience while dressed as Rosarita, the performer symbolically sheds the implied stereotype and the audience metaphorically confronts the idea of the consumable and disposable body.

Immigration & Social Change Mural and Bridge Building
The New Mexico Faith and Coalition for Immigrant Justice invite participants to collaboratively create a mural on canvas as well as a model bridge to symbolize the wall along the United States border and the need for connection between us and our Latin American brothers and sisters, respectively. Images of artwork inspired by immigration and social change created by Latin American artists serve as inspiration for the mural.

Ligia Bouton: Understudy for Animal Farm
Understudy for Animal Farm is an interactive, performative installation that explores issues of power, status and identity. Individual images of participants wearing the handmade pig hoods become visible on a website once the participant has “unlocked” the image with an access code. In this way, the viewer takes on responsibility for their image by making it public.

Screening of Cuando Estoy Solo, a film by Ann Bromberg
5-7:30pm inside Blackbird Buvette
Cuando Estoy Solo documents Flamenco dancer Carlos Andres Menchaca rehearsing before a performance. The film shows the emotion, energy, discipline and passion of what a Flamenco dancer's body, mind and soul go through behind the curtain before a performance. Flamenco is how Carlos communicates.

James Black & 111 Media Collective
Live Screen Printing

Circo Latino & Tricklock’s The Manoa Project
Circo Latino and Tricklock Company’s Manoa Project are two youth programs at the National Hispanic Cultural Center that run for four weeks each June, engaging a diverse group of students in an exciting and intensive circus arts and theatre curriculum. For the Downtown Block Party, some of the young performers will mingle with the crowd showing off their juggling and stilt walking skills.

¡Explora! presents Block Party activities that represent both the digital and pre-digital ages, including a Zoetrope and Thaumatropes; both are important antecedents of cinematography and animation. Drawing machines featured are the Wondergraph and KaliedoDraw.

Myriam Tapp & KB Jones: Blueprint
Blueprint asks the audience to cut out and assemble paper templates representing 3 types of classical colonial architecture and take part in "building" community by placing the assembled templates onto a surface representing the landscape of Latin America. A camera installed above the "stage" displays the development and change of the landscape in layout in real-time. The artists find a parallel between the utopian desire to build a perfect city and the European approach to building, replicating known styles of architecture everywhere, in each new territory. The audience is forced to find a solution to create a new development with non-specific objects, representing their participation in colonization and creating a community that teeters on the edge of chaos.


Block Party After-Party: CAMARONES

cama 01 cama 02

DJ duo Szu-Han Ho and Rafael Gallegos will perform a live set of music while serving shrimp. The set mixes hip-hop, R & B, electro-cumbia, moombahton, bachata and other Latin dance beats with the artists’ major influences: historical references from avant-garde art, theater and literature. The artists take turns dj’ing while peeling shrimp, cooking and serving their own recipe of coctel de camarónes to the audience.

Location: Tricklock Performance Laboratory
110 Gold Ave. SW, Downtown Albuquerque, 505-254-8393,  •  Free
Info: Szu-Han Ho:



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516 ARTS in Albuquerque and Parallel Studios in Santa Fe announce the launch of New Media New Mexico, an ongoing effort to highlight media arts in our state each summer.

In June 2014, the annual New Media New Mexico begins with Digital Latin America in Albuquerque presented by 516 ARTS, and CURRENTS 2014 in Santa Fe presented by Parallel Studios, along with an array of partners in both cities.


Images: Jessica Angel & Gilberto Castillo, Global Optics, live projection performance, 3rd Edition • Jessiza Pizaña Roberts, Ay Papi, 2012, video still detail, live performance at Downtown Block Party •  Quetzalcoatl Food Truck at ISEA2012 Downtown Block Party • Amor Muñoz, Maquila Región 4 (MR4), 2012/2014, mobile factory for textiles & electronics • Szu-Han Ho & Rafael Gallegos , CAMARÓNES, performance (Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque, NM), 2014, photo by Patricio Rojas