IFDM SCREENING: Blak Mama & Más allá del Mall?

Blak Mama/Más allá del Mall?

Double Feature Screening at IFDM Mesa del Sol Theater

Blak Mama
In the tradition of surrealist films Miguel Alvear, visual artist and filmmaker, and co-director Patrico Andrade offer a symbolic look at the visual and cultural traditions of their native Ecuador.  In this film, three locals who make a living as book recyclers go on a quest, searching for redemption, forgiveness and a purpose for their lives.  The film is inspired by the city of Latacunga's annual street festival, whose symbols combine iconography of Catholicism, African traditions and local myths into a celebration of earthly redemption.  The film follows the three major characters' quest using dance, songs and animation along with the actual street festivals.  The film has been included in the Venice Biennale as well as several other international film festivals.  Made in 2009; runtime: 95 minutes.


Más allá del Mall? (Why Not the Mall?)
Not satisfied with the reception for Blak Mama, Miguel Alvear embarks on a journey to find a pirate film distributor to steal his film to create an audience.  The search with Ecuadorian actor Andrés Crespo, standing in for Alvear, discovers a market for pirate movies and a serious group of little-to-no-budget filmmakers, who create action and melodramatic films.  Made in 2010; runtime: 52 minutes.


This event was free and open to all ages.

LOCATION: UNM Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media
IFDM Mesa del Sol Theater, 5700B University W. Blvd., Albuquerque

For more info: 505-277-2286, ifdm.unm.edu



Images: Miguel Alvear & Patrico Andrade, still from Blak Mama; Andrés Crespo, still from Más allá del Mall?