Open House & Video Mapping Event with Lux Capacitor


Open House 7:30-10pm, Video Mapping 8:30-10pm


A collaboration between artists from Albuquerque and Colombia

As part of Digital Latin America, 516 ARTS invited the public to a video mapping interactive experience in the gallery on Thursday, August 14, 8:30-10pm.  Audiences stopped by to this open house to check out Jessica Angel's eye-popping installation titled Hemispherical Immersion come to life (with images of you!) through the collaborative efforts of local artists Chris Clavio and Ian LeBlanc (aka "Lux Capacitor").

Jessica Angel, a Colombian artist in the Digital Latin America exhibition at 516 ARTS, put out a call seeking New Mexico video-mappers, interactive and digital media artists to submit proposals that use her immersive installations as a canvas to create interactive narratives with video mapping.  From the submissions, she selected Lux Capacitor's project.

Clavio & LeBlanc said, "Jessica Angel's piece leverages stark contrast and warped perspective to redefine the physicall space of the gallery.  Using as abstracted QR code pattern and an infinite plane, she comments on how we can use a digital augmented reality to shift the way we perceive the world around us.  Taking this theme into account, we will add a projection-mapped layer that will allow viewers to put themselves in the piece and redefine their reality as they engage with it.

"Three live video feeds of gallery visitors were sliced and projected onto Jessica's landscape.  The placement of these slices were discontinuous so that a viewer's feet sometimes appeared up high and their head down low.  The goal was to fill as many empty boxes as possible.

"In addition to this magic mirror, we added effects to different slices of the video, which were affected by the ambient noise in the gallery.  This provided two ways for viewers to interact with the piece.  They were able to play with perspective by moving around the piece, and augment that perspective with any noise that they made."


For more about Jessica Angel, guest artist from Colombia, visit

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For more information about Digital Latin America, click here.


This event was made possible in part by a partnership between 516 ARTS and UNM ARTS Lab for Digital Latin America.



Image: Still from simulation of interactive video mapping project created by Lux Capacitor, 2014.