The dance piece titled From the Ground Up will be performed in the window of 516 ARTS during the opening for From the Ground up: Design Here + Now. It explores how bodies use the ground beneath to create designs in space that rely on the sturdiness of the ground and embody the freedom of the space above. The piece progresses structurally from a foundation of floor work that develops into vignettes of choreography that emphasize height and design. It is choreographed by Lisa Nevada and includes five dancers from the UNM Dance Program.

Nevada says, “In developing this piece, I have been thinking about how the art of dance can create a thriving presenting platform for itself in Albuquerque. I am a modern and contemporary dance artist, with an emphasis on Improvisation. For many years I have felt that dance, especially the type I associate with most, has been passed over or simply ignored. Is it because dance is fleeting or too abstract? Maybe it is not abstract enough or maybe it is simply not accessible. In any case, dance artists in Albuquerque, like myself, need to inform, educate, present and discuss the pivotal role modern and contemporary dance has in the Southwest, specifically in Albuquerque. My collaborators and I are working from the ground up to make modern and contemporary dance visible, viable and accessible to our community. Choreographing meaningful dance and performing in atypical venues, like the window of 516 ARTS, is one of several ways to help demystify dance and bridge the gap between the arts.”

Lisa Nevada photo by Travis Lewis webDance artist, Lisa Nevada, has been serving the Albuquerque dance community for the past 15 years.  Nevada's contributions include - teaching incarcerated youth, university students and professionals alike, collaborating with professional choreographers and artists in the local, national and international dance circuit, as well as creating site specific films and live performance in the beautiful city of Albuquerque.  2015 will be an exciting year for Nevada as she will be performing on the East Coast, collaborating with new artists and will receive her MFA in Dance from the University of New Mexico.







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