Andrea Polli: Public Art and Activism between Climate, Culture and Information Space

at 516 ARTS

516 ARTS presented artist and technologist Andrea Polli, who discussed her journey towards activist art related to environment and climate change. She says, “As has been seen in recent tsunami and hurricane disasters, many lives depend on the interpretation of global information. Developing a language or series of languages for communicating this mass of data must evolve, and part of that evolution must include the work of artists. How is the artistic process of transforming data different from the process of transforming physical material? Like a photograph, a data set is a representation, but unlike a photograph, this representation can be entered, explored and transformed. Artists have the opportunity to create works that have an impact through touching the emotions of the audience, which can affect environmental understanding and behavior.”

Andrea new headshot bwAndrea Polli works at the intersection of art and science. She is a Professor in Art and Ecology with a joint appointment between Fine Arts and Engineering, the Mesa Del Sol Endowed Chair of Digital Media, and the Director of the Social Media Workgroup at the UNM Center for Advanced Research Computing. She holds a PhD in practice-led research from the University of Plymouth in the UK and an MFA in Time Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Image: Andrea Polli, Particle Falls, 2014, interactive projection, Detroit, photo by Jared Rendon-Trompak