ARTIST TALK: Peter Williams, Yup’ik Eskimo: Interconnection

516 ARTS and Santa Fe Art Institute presented a special talk with Peter Williams, a Yup’ik Eskimo artist and fashion designer. From the perspective of his lineage to his home in Sitka Alaska, which on his father's side goes back over 7,000 years, Williams will tell stories, lecture and explore the themes of belonging, place and immigration/migration through the lens of his life as a subsistence hunter and fisherman. He will explore how his culture and its cultural appropriation relate to the fashion industry.

He says, “My business is not separate from my activism. It’s not separate from my spirituality, it’s not separate from my culture.”

Williams’ clothing label, Shaman Furs, is a one-man operation: he hunts, skins, fleshes, stretches, sews, designs, markets and sells. His work has been covered in The Guardianand featured at New York Fashion Week.


This event was made possible by Santa Fe Art Institute with support from the Rasmuson Foundation.