The 'T' House

By BioCultura

An interactive, art and ecology installation on the grounds of Farm & Table

Farm & Table Restaurant
8917 4th St. NW

Inspired by a traditional teahouse, The ‘T’ House provided a physical, virtual and radio ‘platform’ for the performance, discussion and experience of the complex symbiotic relationships of humans and plants in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico and beyond. BioCultura artist Andrea Polli and architectural designer John Donalds imagine a future in which architectural systems are microbial and function in ways similar to mechanisms within a living tea plant. Codifed during the Edo period when Japan closed itself off from the outside world, a traditional Japanese teahouse was an example of extreme sustainability, a system in which all materials were re-used and waste was very limited.

Talk & 'T' Bar

On October 27th the public was invited to a talk with BioCultura artists, to ‘take tea’ with special guest Zen Buddhist Monk Gicko David Rubin, to taste tea blends from various plants, and to explore the multi-media ‘T’ House. During the event, visitors viewed a ‘Tokonomo’ video projection documenting a tea caffeine-extraction at a chemistry lab. More info

Performance & 'T' Bar

On November 3rd, special guests Troy Fernandez and Kevin Padilla performed in The ‘T’ House. Chado is the Japanese Way of Tea in the Urasenke Tradition in New Mexico. 

Special thanks to Cherie Montoya and the Farm & Table extended network of growers and artisans. Andrea Polli, The ‘T’ House at Ideaxfactory, Springfield, Missouri, 2014