516 Arts SHIFT Collage 2017 Opacity copy

Thursday, October 12, 8PM 
at UNM ARTS Lab 
1601 Central Ave. NE, Albuquerque
TICKETS: $15 ($10 for Friends of 516 ARTS)
Available from 516 ARTS

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516 ARTS, SHIFT I DANCE and UNM ARTS Lab are teaming up for an extraordinary, one-night event of multi-media performance in celebration of Cross Pollination. As an expression of the cross pollination among art forms, SHIFT features live dance inspired by and integrated with projections of the Botanical Mural Project by artist Pastel from Argentina, commissioned by 516 ARTS this past spring. EKO-kinesis is the culmination of a fluid choreographic and collaborative process reflecting in the inter-connection of plants and pollinators, how they have evolved together, and their role in the future of life on planet Earth. The evening will feature real-time interactive collaboration with dancers Kelsey Paschich, lisa nevada, and Jacqueline García of SHIFT | DANCE, live electronic music and percussion by Caro Acuña, and video/immersive media by UNM ARTS Lab team directed by David Beining. 

Cross Pollination, an international art exhibition at 516 ARTS, showcases work at the intersection of art and science that focuses on bees and other pollinators and their role in the world’s food supply. It is curated by Valerie Roybal and is on view through November 11, 2017. 

EKO-kinesis kicks off the highly-anticipated SHIFT DANCE | FESTIVAL 2017, now in its second year. SHIFT | DANCE is a contemporary dance collective based in Albuquerque, NM co-directed by three local, female dancers and choreographers, Jacqueline García, lisa nevada, and Kelsey Paschich. Founded in 2015, SHIFT | DANCE is a presenting platform for contemporary dance, a movement to elevate and generate awareness for the range of contemporary dance forms in Albuquerque, and a choreographic incubator for the resident choreographers of the company to experiment and foster risk-taking in exploratory performance research.

Special thanks to UNM ARTS Lab and UNM College of Fine Arts.