Interior Landscapes

Eric Paul Riege 

January 26 - February 23
Opening reception: Friday, January 26, 6-9pm
At Sanitary Tortilla Factory, 401 2nd St. 

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Interior Landscapes is a satellite exhibit presented by 516 ARTS and Sanitary Tortilla Factory as part of the public programs for the collaboration, The US-Mexico Border: Place, Imagination, and Possibility. The exhibit explores the lived experiences of people who reside along the US-Mexico border through artworks created in the space suspended between Mexico and the United States.

Postcommodity (Albuquerque, Las Vegas & Española, NM)
Eric-Paul Riege (Gallup, NM)
M. Janea Sanchez (Tucson, AZ)
Tara Evonne Trudell (Las Vegas, NM)

Many people understand the border from an outside perspective, but these works speak to the experiences of those who have directly witnessed the transformation and shifting meanings of this highly contested area. The artists featured in the exhibit live in varying proximities to the border but they each directly engage with communities situated along the boundary. Their collaborative projects explore how the reciprocal nature of borders can be negotiated and recreated to benefit those living along and within them.

As socially engaged art, these works humanize the border wall and challenge its meaning as a symbolic representation of national identity, culture, and politics by revealing acts that speak to living in a place of tension, violence, and creativity. Stories, experiences, and truths are revealed through conversations between artists and communities highlighting the creativity of people and place. From the outside looking in, the border can be flat and two-dimensional. These works shine light on the lives directly impacted by the divide. The border is animated, mocked, teased, and made human.

Interior Landscapes is co-curated by Daryl Lucero and Sheri Crider. Lucero is an independent artist, activist and farmer from Isleta Pueblo working with 516 ARTS. Sheri Crider is an Albuquerque artist and the founder/director of The Sanitary Tortilla Factory.

Image: Eric-Paul Riege, dah 'iistl'ó [loomz], weaving dance, 2018, collage for installation & performance