SPEAKER SERIES: Collectors Collect New Mexico I

May 9 image

Thursday, May 9, 7pm 
RSVP required: rsvp@themagsantafe.com

Featured speakers come from the North - Christian Mayeur & Anne Poux, directors of Mayeur Projects in Las Vegas, NM and artists team Jugnet+Clairet from Lamy, NM. 


 Christian Mayeur & Anne Poux are the directors of Mayeur Projects, a gallery and artists' residency in Las Vegas, New Mexico. For Christian and Anne, art is both a passion and a way to open the spirit and the mind. Christian has been an art collector for 15 years. He is also a board member at Mains d'Oeuvres, an important interdisciplinary center of the arts in Paris. Anne Poux is founder and owner of ZIA"RT, a French company focused on the development of creative synergies between France and New Mexico. Their recent acquisitions are paintings by the California artist Liz Walsh and the Colombian artist Alejandra Hernandez, a drawing by the French artist Edi Dubien, and a neon sculpture by Jugnet+Clairet. 

Jugnet + Clairet met in 1995 in New York and decided to work together in 1997. Their imaginary approach is principally fed by the landscapes and the culture of the American Southwest. Beyond an autobiographical dimension, their work explores and develops that which escapes the ordinary attention of the surrounding world, coming back to an intimate art history. Beginning with events and objects encountered during trips – deserts, dead ends, the rarity of information, discrete units, minor changes, details, intervals – their oeuvre offers a point of view that is constituted of in-betweens and peripheries.