Sidewalk Vidi/Cine

To celebrate the opening of 516 ARTS, Basement Films and The Guild Cinema created a series of screenings visible from the street by projecting onto the 25 foot high front windows of 516 ARTS. Each Saturday night for six weeks, the group presented what Basement Films calls "a multi-projector extravaganza of retinal stimulation that will haunt your dreams and alter your reality."

The program was led by Keif Henley, founder of Basement Films and co-owner of The Guild Cinema, with collaborators Bryan Konefsky, Sarah Wentzel-Fisher, and Elena Agustin. Events included Cinemus Publicus, an open screen for local film & video, as well as locally produced live soundtracks with short films from Basement Films' eclectic collection. Films and videos ranged from classic silent films to new work by local artists.

On three nights, every other week — September 16, September 30, and October 14 — the screenings were accompanied by live music in the entryway of 516 ARTS. Musical guests included Zack Freeman, Incus Arts, Ken Cornell/Alchemical Burn, Blake Minnerly, A Black Lux, and Daddy Long Loin.

About Basement Films

Basement Films is a nonprofit, volunteer run micro-cinema supporting experimental, independent, and other under-represented forms of film and video making. The membership is made up of artists, activists, media makers, and "film buffs." Basement Films provides a forum for voices not heard in mainstream media. Since 1991, Basement Films has projected unique, moving image works by artists from around the world.

Basement Films serves as a resource for artists, filmmakers, and students interested in exploring new and experimental approaches to moving image art. They offer filmmaking workshops at educational institutions such as UNM, Albuquerque Academy, and Highlands University. Basement Films' resources include projection equipment and an archive of more than 7,000, 16mm, industrial and educational films, which are available for use by artists, filmmakers, and the community.

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image above: Daddy Long Loin