Finding a Pulse


September 6–October 18, 2008

Finding A Pulse examined themes of hope, healing and the will to survive. A defining aspect of the human being is our ability to imagine and even dwell upon our own death. Compounded by the shadowy threat of nuclear war, terrorism and even natural disasters, these fears (and realities) exist on a global scale. But all is not lost! In spite of our dread, the dream of a happy and meaningful life remains intact. Featured artists include: Sasha Bezzubov & Jessica Sucher (New York), Kristin Diener (New Mexico), Howard Fonda (Arizona), Cay Garcia (New Mexico), Hans Gindlesberger (New York), Jeff Eisenberg (California), D’Jean Jawrunner (New Mexico), George Lorio (Texas) and John Wenger (New Mexico). Curated by Rhiannon Mercer and John Photos.

Image: A Power Re-Purposed by Jeff Eisenberg, 20" x 30.75" (framed), Graphite on paper, Courtesy of Swarm Gallery