Talk/Demo: Urban Forages {house of eco-drifters}


Urban Forages {house of eco-drifters}

Talk, peformance & demonstration with guest artist Nicole Dextras

Vancouver-based artist Nicole Dextras will give a talk about her Urban Foragers and Weedrobes series plus the Nomadik Harvest Dress featured in the Flatlanders & Surface Dwellers exhibition will be animated to demonstrate its transformation from garment to shelter. The garments, rich in texture and plant material, are wearable architectures that transform the confining structure of the hoop skirt into portable shelters and gardens.

The Nomadik Harvest Dress is based on the Mongolian ger (yurt). The traditional felt membrane of the ger is replaced with a covering made from secondhand wool sweaters, which provide comparable warmth and waterproofing. The dress will also display a variety of New Mexico's indigenous edible plants and a communal dish will be served.

This event is free and open to the public.


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