Demo: Interweave {Laboratorium}


Interweave [Laboratorium]

Demo with Tania Candiani and RSM (Rodrigo Guzmán)

For Art at the Border: 21st Century Responses, 516 ARTS hosts an interactive installation by Tania Candiani and RSM (Rodrigo Guzmán), for which they will introduce and demonstrate to the public the morning of the exhibition opening. Their project, titled Interweave [Laboratorium], is a collaboration among different types of creative minds, including musicians, computer scientists, engineers, illustrators, physicists, astronomers and more. The result will be the creation of a laboratory of inventions (mostly impossible or projected inventions), a wunderkammer or cabinet of curiosities populated with fictitious categories and impossible associations.

The one-hour demo event will introduce the laboratory as a resource for experimentation and the development of inventions. This project explores the ideological border between the scientific and the artistic, and between the various inspirations for, and results of, creativity.

During the three-month exhibition, 516 ARTS welcomes groups of all ages including school classes, K-12 students working with STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), professionals in science and technology, and artists. Participating groups will be introduced to the concept by one of the collaborators of the project. To inquire about scheduling group activity in the installation, contact Claude Smith, Education & Exhibitions Manager, 505-242-1445 or