TOURS: New Media New Mexico


New Media New Mexico Tours

Santa Fe: Saturday, June 21, 11am
CURRENTS 2014 Guided Tour at El Museo Cultural, Santa Fe
Rail Runner train departed Downtown Albuquerque at 8:58pm and arrived in the Santa Fe Railyard at 10:29am

Albuquerque: Saturday, June 28, 1pm
Digital Latin America Guided Tour at 516 ARTS, Albuquerque
Rail Runner train departed Santa Fe at 10:44am and arrived in Downtown Albuquerque at 12:12pm

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CURRENTS 2014     +     Digital Latin America     =     New Media New Mexico
Santa Fe                         Albuquerque


Visitors were welcome to explore the spectacular landscape of New Mexico and the immersive world of 21st century art at the same time. Known for both its exceptional environmental beauty and its work in scientific innovation, New Mexico has historically been a mecca for arts and technology. In recent years, the state has become a gathering place for new media artists and enthusiasts from around the world who converge here to focus on the expanding interssection of art and technology.

Parallel Studios in Santa Fe and 516 ARTS in Albuquerque announced the launch of New Media New Mexico, an ongoing effort to highlight media arts in our state each summer. In June 2014, New Media New Mexico began with Digital Latin America, an Albuquerque collaboration led by 516 ARTS and CURRENTS 2014 in Santa Fe, presented by Parallel Studios.

The CURRENTS New Media Festival has grown from its local roots in 2002 into an annual, international, citywide event in Santa Fe. Albuquerque became an international hub of activity for new media art during ISEA2012, the 18th International Symposium on Electronic Art, a massive collaboration led by 516 ARTS that helped establish Albuquerque as a world-wide art destination. That spirit of collaboration continued with the launch of New Media New Mexico, which was intended to be an annual series of events celebrating new media arts around the state.

The 2014 collaboration kicked off with the Digital Latin America Opening Weekend symposium and events in Albuquerque June 6-8, with programs continuing throughout the summer. The three-week CURRENTS festival opened the following week, June 13. The lead venues in each city, 516 ARTS in Albuquerque and El Museo Cultural in Santa Fe, are connected by the Rail Runner train. It is a short walk to 516 ARTS from the station in Downtown Albuquerque, and the train arrives at the Santa Fe Railyard Plaza, the home of El Museo Cultural. The public was invited to come to both events to experiene cutting edge, experimental, innovative, playful and poetic new work from around the globe. Works included interactive and fine art video installations, single-channel videos, multimedia performances and web-based art forms to name a few, along with panels, workshops and presentations by world-renowned artists.