Artist Talks & Poetry: Scott Greene, Beau Carey & Melisa Garcia

at 516 ARTS

516 ARTS highlighted two of Albuquerque’s most prolific painters with concurrent solo exhibitions exploring contemporary changes in the landscape while referencing the rich history of classical and 19th century American Landscape painting.

Scott Greene says, “Bewilderness exists beyond imagination, myth and reality. It is located somewhere between Arcadia and dystopia, and where the past and present collide. It is a state of mind in which contradiction is essential and even celebrated. Awe-inspiring natural beauty revealed to be a construct, it is a refuge with no shelter, a place of spiritual certainty, utter confusion and blissful ignorance. My work explores the balance between the natural environment and artificial constructs, and questions that the two are mutually exclusive.”

Beau Carey says about his exhibition Rise: “By using references to navigational coastal profiling and by borrowing and subverting compositional structures of the 19th century American landscape painters, I examine how modern landscapes came to be spatially constructed. Through my work I explore this spatial language, at times allowing individual works to teeter into abstraction. The works in Rise look specifically at how we will navigate and view a rapidly changing physical world.”

At the Artists’ Talk, poet Melisa Garcia presented a reading of ekphrastic responses to the artists’ work. Ekphrastic poetry vividly describes a work of art, through the imaginative act of narration or reflection, allowing the poet to amplify or expand its meaning.  Melisa Garcia is pursuing an MFA in poetry. Her interests lie in the representation of Central American literature in addition to the revival of that cannon. She also leads ekphrastic poetry workshops at the UNM Art Museum. Her work has recently appeared in MiramarThe Mas Tequila Review, and Spillway.




Images: Scott Greene, Beau Carey, Melisa Garcia