Abbey Hepner: BioArt Youth Workshop 

at Explora, for ages 7 & up

Fireflies, jellyfish, algae, glow worms - how and why do some living things glow?  This workshop introduced students to the science of bioluminescence and how biological organisms can be self-energizing, responsive and act as biological sensors to environmental conditions.  Participants were introduced to dinoflagellates, which are marine-dwelling algae that emit light.  They will explore the science behind bioluminance and create their own glowing drawings with live bacteria.  The workshop encouraged students to think about how this living light might be used in the future.

headshotAbbey Hepner is a conceptual artist investigating the human relationship with the landscape and technology.  Using photography, video, public art interventions and electronic processes, she considers issues related to population growth, man-made disasters, as well as the complex and often contradictory roles surrounding technological processes.

Fee: $5

516 ARTS, the National Hispanic Cultural Center and Explora are teaming up with STEMarts Lab @ The PASEO to offer the hands-on art workshops about climate change to local schools as well as the general public with guest artists Abbey Hepner and Ruben Olguin from the PASEO festival.  


Image: Abbey Hepner, bioluminescent bacteria painted on petri dishes