Coronavirus Emergency Relief Grant Recipients

Round #1

$66,000 was distributed to 66 artists living and working with 80 miles of Albuqueuqe that had experienced direct financial loss from cancellations and closures resulting from the pandemic.

*Not all recipients chose to be recognized publicly

Sonia Luévano
Joel Brandon
Courtney Leonard
John Vokoun
Karen Drew
Frank Buffalo Hyde
Caitlin Padilla
Juliana Coles
Sheri Crider
Mike Kimball
Karen Jones Meadows
Albert Rosales
Cliff Fragua
Sean Paul Gallegos
Jessica Zeglin
Michael Long
Aric Chopito
Madeline Naranjo
Autumn Chacon
John Well-Off-Man
Cedra Wood
Ehren Natay
Marilyn Ray
Heather Bradley
Katherine Hunt-Monro
Adrian Pinnecoose
Joanna Keane López
Jeremy Salazar
Erin Elder
Chip Babb
Abdiel Beltran
Terran Last Gun
Dylan McLaughlin
Martin Wannam Roca
Diana Stetson
Aziza Murray
Eric Romero
Hollis Moore
Sebastian Velasquez
Jeannie Frederick
Karina Faulstitch
Jackie Riccio
Travis Black
Adrian Wall
Monica Kennedy
Adelina Cruz
Zienna Stewart
Dana Chavez
John Acosta
Leah Fragua
Geoffrey Gorman


$60,000 was distributed to 13 New Mexico-based alternative visual artspaces and nonprofit organizations in partnership with the Frederick Hammersley Foundation

*Not all recipients chose to be recognized publicly

Up Gallery, Albuquerque
Sanitary Tortilla Factory, Albuquerque
Karuna Colectiva, Albuquerque
Warehouse 1-10, Magdalena
Bone Springs Art Space, Roswell
Cruces Creatives, Las Cruces
Phil Space, Santa Fe
fourteenfifteen gallery, Albuquerque
Encore Gallery at Taos Center for the Arts, Taos
ArtMaker Coop, a project of MAS Comunidad, Peñasco
LOOM Indigenous Art Gallery, Gallup
Moving Arts Española, Española

Events & Workshops