Ophelia Cornet + Sofia Resnik, The revolution starts within, 2020

Ophelia Cornet & Sofia Resnik

On view at 516 ARTS, 516 Central Ave SW

There is no better time than now to examine ourselves as individuals and as a species.

If not now, during a global pandemic, then when?

During this time, many of us have felt a shift towards introspection. The pandemic has prompted people to pause and look critically at the future of our societies and the planet. We are also increasingly banding together to dismantle systems of oppression. More than ever, we are envisioning a future that is radically different from our present circumstances.

This is also a momentous summer when millions of 17-year periodical cicadas are emerging from underground across the US. In many cultures, cicadas are a symbol of rebirth and transformation. This installation imagines humans as cicada-like creatures to highlight the potential for using introspection and personal growth as catalysts for revolution and social change.

We must look inward to turn outward.