516 WORDS: Live Poetry Reading with Mei-mei Berssenbrugge & Sawnie Morris

Acclaimed award-winning poet, Mei-mei Berseenbrugge, reads from her latest publication—a new book of poetry in collaboration with artist Kiki Smith. As the winner of Yale’s 2021 Bollingen Prize for American Poetry, the judges' citation stated "[Berssenbrugge's] poetry explores the permeable boundaries between the human and the natural worlds, as she makes palpable her communion with birds, plants, dolphins, stars, and the beyond." Joining her will be a special reading by Sawnie Morris. Sawnie Morris is an award-winning poet, prose writer, and professional environmental activist—as well as a dream worker—with over twenty years of teaching experience. Identified as a key element to engaging with the exhibition by curator Daniela N. Molnar, Berssenbrugge and Morris’s poignant work accentuates the themes and methodologies explored in Geohaptics: Sensing Climate.