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Resources for College Education

We offer an array of educational resources for students and instructors at college and higher education level, including reading and research resources, curatorial statements, and more.

To support engagement and learning with the artworks and themes in the exhibition “Species in Peril Along the Rio Grande” the following resources are available:

A reading list curated by Laura Paskus

Curators statements and wall labels

Many of the artists and speakers in the exhibition and program are available for class visits, workshops, and artist talks.

In particular, two workshops are exclusively offered to college students, to enquire email

on overlooked species for entangled futures by laura carlson

In this workshop, laura c carlson will teach via their research methodology, an assemblage of artistic and scientific research fused with storytelling and collaboration. Focused on the non-charismatic/overlooked beings in need of conservation, we will ask questions about who is overlooked, how do humans relate to these species, and how can we begin practices of reconciliation. The workshop will ask participants to make meaning with the information they collect through a creative output, such as poetry, performance, songwriting.

How art can help us see what is there, or Why I drove up the entire Rio Grande for my summer vacation by Michael Berman

The power of a conscious mind rests in perspective - a recognition that there is a past and a future. In the beginning a little bit of remembrance of things past confers an advantage. If you know the river rises every spring, and seeds planted in summer can be harvested in the fall, and each winter herds of ungulates migrate down from the alpine pastures, you can make plans. In time the flood of experience inundates the limits of a single mind. Humans pushed the boundaries of these limits with a little trick - language, and passed stories from one individual to another. The second trick was to learn how to abstract significant information and create a model so information could be prioritized and utilized. When humans figured out how to write things down the potential of accumulated knowledge transcended both place and time and complex cultures emerged based on information systems. When I listen to folks talk about endangered species, I hear stories, human-centric models based on information systems. Species though are dependent on ecological systems, and if those ecological systems are significantly altered, they will go extinct.

Coming Soon:

Resources (books, podcasts, movies)

Please be sure to check back periodically. For enquires email

Contemporary Art for Everyone

516 ARTS is a nonprofit, contemporary art museum in the center of Downtown Albuquerque that celebrates thought-provoking art in the here and now. Our mission is to connect contemporary artists and diverse audiences. 516 ARTS presents relevant exhibitions and public programs, which feature a mix of local, national, and international artists and inspire curiosity, risk-taking and creative experimentation.

Founded in 2006, 516 ARTS engages with timely themes such as the environment, immigration, and the north/south axis of cultural exchange with a focus on Latin America. Our public programs include collaborations with museums and organizations around the region and beyond, public art projects, guest speakers, public forums, the 516 WORDS literary series, workshops, performances and special events. Education programs include exhibition tours for schools and community groups with curriculum support materials for teachers, youth activities, and hands-on workshops with guest artists.

In 2016, 516 ARTS was selected as a partner in the Regional Regranting Program of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. 516 ARTS launched the Fulcrum Fund, an annual, competitive grant program providing funding directly to artists for artist-organized activities in our region.

Board of Directors


  • Danny Lopez, Chair
    Arts & Culture Consultant

  • Suzanne Sbarge, President
    Founder/Executive Director, 516 ARTS

  • Mark Rohde, FAIA, Vice President,
    RMKM Architecture PC

  • Rebecca Black, Treasurer/Secretary
    Former FSO, US Government

  • Pamela Cheek
    Associate Provost for Curriculum & Assessment, University of New Mexico

  • Larry Gernon
    MD, Physician, VA Hospital & Former FSO, US Government

  • Kathleen Metzger
    Vice President, Southwest Neurosurgical Associates

  • Tim Price
    PNM Foundation

  • Lauren Tresp
    Publisher, The Magazine

  • Tonya Turner Carroll
    Co-owner, Turner Carroll Gallery

  • Dora Wang
    Author, Psychiatrist, Historian


  • Juan Abeyta, Education Director, Center of Southwest Culture
  • Michael Berman, Artist, Environmental Activist
  • David Campbell, Director, City of Albuquerque Planning Department
  • Mark Chavez, CEO, Lens
  • Andrew Connors, Director, Albuquerque Museum
  • Ray Dewey, Arts Supporter
  • Melinda Frame, Filmmaker, FRAME+WORK, LLC
  • Idris Goodwin, Playwright, Drector, Orator & Educator / Artistic Director, Stage One Family Theater, Louisville, KY
  • Tom Guralnick, Executive Director, Outpost Performance Space
  • Deborah Jojola, Artist
  • Jane Kennedy, Fundraising Consultant
  • Arif Khan, Director, UNM Art Museum
  • Diana K. McDonald, PhD, Art Historian
  • Brian McMath, Assistant Attorney General, NM Office of the Attorney General
  • Jenny McMath, Chief Operating Officer, Contract Associates
  • Elsa Menéndez, Performing Arts, National Hispanic Cultural Center, Executive Artistic Core, Tricklock Company
  • Marla Painter, Community Organizer
  • Andrea Polli, Artist, Professor, UNM College of Fine Arts & School of Engineering
  • Henry Rael, Program Officer, McCune Charitable Foundation
  • Mary Anne Redding, Curator, Turchin Center for Visual Arts, NC
  • Rick Rennie, Historic District Improvement Company
  • Augustine Romero, Artist, City of Albuquerque, KiMo Theatre & South Broadway Cultural Center
  • Sommer Smith, MediaDesk, Co-founder & Creative Director
  • Claire Stasiewicz, Adjunct Professor of International Management, UNM
  • Arturo Sandoval, President, VOCES, Inc. & Center of Southwest Culture
  • Rob Strell, Strell Design

Staff & Consultants


  • Suzanne Sbarge, Executive Director
  • Claude Smith, Exhibitions & Fulcrum Fund Manager
  • Mackensie Lewis, Development Coordinator
  • Viola Arduini, Education & Outreach Coordinator


  • Joni Thompson, Bookkeeper
  • Jane Kennedy, Development Associate
  • Ian Jones, Preparator
  • Mandy Funchess, Schlenker & Cantwell, Auditor
  • Caroline Blaker, Petroglyph Creative, Web Presence