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Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

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Who is eligible?
Visual artists and collectives living and working within an 80-mile radius of Albuquerque are encouraged to apply. Students, commercial businesses and 501(c)3 non-profit organizations are NOT eligible.

Do you have to be a U.S. citizen to apply?
No, but the artist/lead organizer must have a social security number in order to receive payment of the award. Additional collaborators and/or participants do not need to be U.S. citizens or have social security numbers.

What kinds of projects will the Fulcrum Fund support?
The Fulcrum Fund is expressly interested in visual art including: public art projects/site specific installations, the publication of writing directly related to the visual arts including printed matter and online publications, artist residencies, film screenings, curatorial projects and exhibitions that highlight unconventional artistic practice, workshops, multimedia, video and photo projects.

Does my project have to be socially engaged to be considered eligible to receive funding?
No. Previous grantees have worked across many mediums and disciplines. As long as the proposed project is considered visual art, or engages with visual art, it would be eligible.

Does my project have to be collaborative?

Not necessarily. In previous years, applicants were required to collaborate with someone (another artist/individual or group) but that is no longer required. Artists can now apply for projects in which they are the sole creator of a project.

What types of projects are NOT eligible?
Projects for which the lead artist lives outside of the 80-mile radius of Albuquerque, projects that are part of a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization’s programming, projects proposed by students, and projects that do not have a public component will not be considered.

If I am a recent college graduate, am I eligible to apply?
Current students or anyone who was/will be a student during the time of application or granting period are not eligible. Granting period is considered September – September each year.

What is the maximum funding amount I can request for my project?
You may request any amount between $2,000 and $10,000.

How many grants will you give out?
Funding will be awarded to between 8-20 applicants.

How long do I have to complete my project?
Recipients will have 1 calendar year from the date of award notification to complete their projects and public event.

Can I submit proposals for more than one project?
Applicants can be the lead organizer on more than one proposal at any given time, thought in this case, only one of their projects will be funded. Alternatively, applicants can be listed as additional collaborators on multiple proposals without affecting their eligibility on projects where they are designated as the lead artist.

How will the awards be selected and when will we be notified?
Each year 516 ARTS inviting three jurors (comprised of regionally and nationally recognized curators and arts professionals), who will review the submissions and select the grantees. 516 ARTS staff do not determine which artists receive funding. All applicants will be notified regarding their applications and recipients and will be announced in September of each year.

If my proposal is selected, how will I receive the money?
A check for 80% of the total grant amount will be distributed to the applicant in their name, or in the case of a collective or group, a lead artist/organizer. The remaining 20% will be issued upon completion of final grant report.

Will I be responsible for paying taxes on the award?
Yes, the IRS classifies this award as income. 516 ARTS will mail grant recipients a 1099-misc form at the beginning of the calendar year and the recipient will be responsible for any taxes resulting from the additional income. 516 ARTS does not provide tax advice and recommends you speak with a financial advisor/accountant about your specific financial circumstances.

Can I wait to deposit my check until the next fiscal year?
No. Funds need to be deposited within 60 days of receipt of the check.

In the case that multiple individuals are affiliated with the project collectively, who should be designated as the lead artist?
The lead artist will be the primary contact and the main administrator for the project in the event of an award. Since the lead artist will be responsible for receiving the check, they will also be responsible for the additional dispersal of funds to collaborators and paying any income taxes owed as a result of receiving the grant. The lead artist does not need to be a U.S. citizen, though must have a social security number and reside within 80 miles of Albuquerque.

Is it possible to apply for a grant to purchase equipment?
Equipment purchase or rental can be included as an expense in the project budget as part of a larger project; however, applications submitted for the sole purpose of acquiring equipment will not be considered. Keep in mind that budgets in which over 30% of the total expenses account for new equipment purchase have been unsuccessful to date.

Can I apply for a grant to fund general operating expenses for a new or existing art space?
Yes. Examples of general operating expenses associated with the launch of a new arts space or the support of an existing art space include: rent, utilities, artist/designer fees, materials, supplies, administrative fees and promotional materials.

Can I apply for a project that has already started?
Yes, projects that seed to expand their reach or are considered “ongoing” can be considered. Keep in mind that the Fulcrum Fund will not allocate resources to finished projects or support individuals looking to document pre-existing or finished projects.

Should artist fees be factored into my budget?
Yes. If your project requires you to compensate your collaborators, participants or yourself, you should include those expenses in your budget.

Can I apply for funding to cover my total budget, or am I expected to secure matching or additional funding?
You may apply for a grant for full or partial funding of your overall budget. Additional funding sources are great, though not required. In the event you are accounting for additional income, jurors only want to know how you intend to spend the money requested from the Fulcrum Fund. Use this budget form for your application.

Can I apply to support a web-based project?
Yes, web-based projects are eligible (blogs, podcasts etc..), as long as the content is related to visual art and artist applying for funding lives within an 80 mile radius of Albuquerque. Additional collaborators can be from anywhere.

If I’m proposing a project or exhibition that requires a venue space, does it need to be confirmed by the time I submit my application?
No, but it would be helpful to describe the kinds of spaces that you envision would be appropriate for your project. The venue cannot be 516 ARTS and the project cannot be part of another venue’s exhibition program.

What kinds of projects will the Fulcrum Fund recognize?
The Fulcrum Fund recognizes a wide range of projects and activities such as: a new exhibition or exhibition series, the ongoing work of an arts venue or collective, a public art project, a one-time event or performance, publications directly related to the visual arts, an online project, the creation of a artist residency (rather than funds to attend one), a series of film screenings and more. In general, the Fulcrum Fund seeks to create opportunities for the development and presentation of artist-led projects and programs that foster collaboration and are open to the public.

I don’t have any images that are representative of my proposed project. What kinds of visual aids should I include as part of my application?
Applicants should submit work samples that represent the plans for realizing the proposed project. This could include previous work samples of artists who will be presented, mock-ups, plans and schematics for a site-specific project or documentation of past projects that are similar.

How large should my images/media files be? Images can be formatted up to 1600 pixels in any length at 100 dpi.

What are the requirements for reporting?
Grantees will be expected to submit documentation upon the completion of the proposed project and complete an evaluation of the project. Recipients will receive the remaining 20% of their award upon return of completed grant report. In addition to having money withheld, applicants that fail to return reports will not be considered for future funding rounds.